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Tailored Bites is your trusted Nutrition Concierge

Tailored Bites is a registered dietitian owned small business operating in the Central Phoenix area. Tailored Bites is a Nutrition Concierge offering a vast selection of nutrition services to meet any and all of YOUR nutrition goals and needs. Service examples include personalized nutrition therapy, prepared and deliverable meal plans, and corporate wellness services.

Philosophy Principles

Tailored Bites has structured our nutrition services based on the following 6 foundational principles:

  1. Good health and wellness are your number one priorities in life. Sound mental and physical health is the foundation needed to build a happy life upon. Nutrition is a major component of complete wellness and good health. You must invest in your nutrition in order to be the best version you have to offer this world.
  2. You are unique! You have a nutrition and wellness success formula that is specific to you and only you! This formula is dependent on variables such as your genetic makeup, age, weight history, medical conditions, medications you are taking, passed nutrition exposure, customs/beliefs, finances, support system, schedule, nutrition knowledge, motivation, goals…..and the list goes on and on!
  3. Your nutrition and wellness success formula is perpetual in nature. As your health and wellness variables change, adjustments in your nutrition and lifestyle behaviors should be made in order to maintain optimal wellness.
  4. Your nutrition extends far beyond “Macros”. While macronutrients are your key energy players in nutrition, there are many other nutrients and variables that should be considered when thinking about optimal nutrition.
  5. There are NO “quick fixes” when it comes to your nutrition, wellness, and health! While some diets help you to lose weight and lose weight quickly, these diets are often not sustainable or good for your long term health. You have to be realistic in your nutrition and wellness goals and you have to work on those goals daily and for the remainder of your life. The sooner you understand and accept this, the sooner you will find peace in the relationship you have with your nutrition and wellness.
  6. “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” Chinese Proverb. Your nutrition and wellness does not need to be complicated or stressful but it often is due to lack of knowledge, skills, and support. Tailored Bites recognizes this and provides education, tools, resources, and support that aid in your nutrition and wellness empowerment.

Rachel Masser MS, RDN

  • Earned her Masters level degree in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University
  • Completed her 15 month dietetic internship at the Phoenix VA Health Care System where she received intense training in weight loss/management, diabetes, hypertension, motivational interviewing, behavior change, disordered eating patterns, and micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Worked in School Foodservice Operations and School Nutrition where she educated children on proper nutrition, planned nutritious and compliant meals for a district housing 23,000 students, and oversaw foodservice operations.
  • Considers herself a Weight Loss and Behavior Change Guru
  • Is a motivator and ready to inspire you to eat foods and adapt lifestyle behaviors that will take you to a whole new health and wellness level

How it Works?

Tailored Bites understands that your nutrition can be an overwhelming topic at times. There are many people acting as “nutrition experts” feeding you false information. They promise immediate results. But these promises and results may not be what is best for your nutrition and overall health and wellness. Tailored Bites is a trusted nutrition expert that believes nutrition services need to be tailored to fit each individual’s and corporation’s unique nutrition and wellness needs. You and Tailored Bites work together to create the perfect nutrition package that will assist you in reaching your complete wellness goals.

Tailored Bites offers an expansive collection of nutrition concierge services. Services include prepared meals and meal plans that can be delivered to your door, individual nutrition therapy and family nutrition therapy sessions, kitchen inspections and overhauls, meal preparation planning and demos, grocery store tours, and more!

Prepared Meals

Eat REAL food in proper portions, with macronutrient and micronutrient offerings in ranges that fit your goals and needs. Tailored Bites offers a prepared meal plan service that accommodates a wide variety of nutritional and convenience needs. You choose from single meal options, family style portions as well as tailored prepared meal plans. Work with Tailored Bites today. It’s time to start eating tasty, colorful meals that fuel the best you!

Nutrition Therapy

Tired of the fad diet roller coaster and looking to live a life free of food imprisonment? Have you been diagnosed with prediabetes, diabetes, or other nutrition related medical condition and looking to cease or decrease the need for medication and complications? Have you been diagnosed with or suspect that you may have a food intolerance but know that it can be detrimental to your health to eliminate food groups without a proper nutrient replacement plan in place? Work with Tailored Bites on developing a tailored nutrition plan that will assist in achieving the sustainable results you are looking for!

Corporate Nutrition

By this time you have heard the true powers of Corporate Wellness initiatives. Nutrition and associated behaviors are one large piece of the Corporate Wellness circle. Whether you are a large corporation, private practice physician, medical concierge, or gym; Tailored Bites is your preferred corporate nutrition specialist. Work with Tailored Bites in developing a corporate wellness plan that is sure to create a happier, healthier, and more efficient workplace and/or client base.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I receive nutrition therapy services with prepared meal services?

No. Nutrition therapy services are not included with Tailored Bites Balanced Prepared Meals. Nutrition therapy can be added to our prepared meal services by selecting one of our options from the nutrition therapy section of our website.

What is included in the prepared meal price?

Nutrient dense, balanced, and minimally processed foods. Usage of a minimum of 90% organic and nongmo produce and food products. The majority of meat and dairy products used include one or more of the following titles: grass-fed, wild caught, cage free, antibiotic free. Taxes are included in all meal prices. Prepared, tailored meal plans are also available. For an additional charge of $10 delivery is available within 15 miles of 2810 E Thomas Rd on weekly orders $75 and over.

Where are my meals made?

All meals are prepared (with love) in a licensed commercial kitchen located in Central Phoenix. Meals can be picked up or delivered*. Tax has already been included in the prepared meals price.

What day do I need to have my prepared meal plan order in to ensure food for the following week?

In order to ensure Tailored Bites  has enough time to plan, purchase, and prepare your meals you must have your order placed and paid for by midnight on the Wednesday that precedes the Monday you want meals.

Can Tailored Bites prepared meal services accommodate my special dietary needs?

Yes, Tailored Bites  is able to accommodate most special dietary needs. Please fill out the contact form found under “Tailored Meal Plans” to start the process.

Where are nutrition therapy services conducted?

Tailored nutrition therapy services are provided through the following communication channels: Home Visits, Online Video Calls, Telephone, and Email. Don’t see the communication channel you prefer listed? Tailored Bites can likely accommodate your needs. Just let us know!

How do I pay for my services?

Please visit “Our Shop” where you can purchase our balanced prepared meals and prepared family style meal portions as well as our nutrition therapy packages.  Please contact Tailored Bites for any products or services not found in “Our Shop” as we can likely accommodate any and all of your nutritional needs!

Why are there minimal prices listed on the website?

Tailored Bites  offers a wide variety of nutrition concierge services. Due to the fact that needs of each client vary, prices also vary. Contact Tailored Bites  today for more information on any service or price. We would love to talk to you!

Current & Future Mission

No more dieting. All you need is proper nutrition eaten in proper portions in a rhythmic pattern through the day.

Tailored Bites Mission

Empower. Inspire. Educate.

  • To serve you professional, personable, and reliable nutrition services that empower your nutrition health.
  • To be trusted as a reputable, expert resource that facilitates peace of mind with your total nutrition and wellness goals and needs.
  • To be your nutrition expert, scientist, motivator, listener, partner, teacher, and student.
  • To promote and embody complete nutrition and wellness.
  • To liberate you of any nutrition related curiosities and/or worries.
  • To inspire self respect and self love with your nutrition.

Future Mission

  • Foster a community environment where we can learn, grow, and inspire one another to become the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves.
  • Form more partnerships with experts in all areas of nutrition and wellness to build a safe and reliable network resource for Tailored Bites clients.
  • Partner with more local small businesses in the Central Phoenix area.
  • Find ways to decrease the carbon footprint Tailored Bites leaves on this beautiful earth.

Let’s Work Together!

Trust Tailored Bites to be your nutrition expert professional.


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