Tailored Meal Service

Work with a registered dietitian in creating the perfect meal plan that aids in your specific nutrition needs and goals.  This option is great for individuals with medical conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, food allergies/intolerance as well as specific weight and sports performance goals.

Tailored Meal Plan Package Breakdown

$150 initial consult fee. In a position to gamble utilizing jogos online valendo dinheiro.  The consult fee covers time and communication needed to develop your foundational tailored plan.  Things like Medical history, medications, activity level, nutrition goals, and other areas will be assessed.

$200*/ month “Tailored Member” fee. This covers time needed to tailor your meals each week.

Actual prepared meal cost varies depending on need.

Please complete the form below and Tailored Bites will contact you!

Tailored Prepared Meals Form:

    What meals do you currently prepare at home?
    BreakfastLunchDinnerAllNo meals are prepared in the home
    How often do you currently eat food that has been prepared outside the home?
    I never eat meals outside the home1-2 days per week3-5 days per week6-7 days per week
    Briefly describe the types of meals you purchase that have been prepared outside the home
    If you eat outside of the home, what are your main reasons for doing so?
    No time to grocery shopNo time to cookNo energy to grocery shopNo energy to cookNot skilled enough in the kitchen to cook
    Convenience Reasons not listed
    What do you think you spend weekly on meals for yourself?
    $0-$100$101-$175$176-$250$250-$300$300 and up
    Are you interested in single meals to add to your current dietary intake?
    Are you interested in a prepared meal plan that offers your entire daily energy requirements?
    Do you have any special dietary restrictions due to allergies, intolerances, and/or medical conditions such as Celiac’s Disease, Milk allergy, Dairy Intolerance, Gluten Intolerance?
    YesNoNot sure
    Do you follow any current diet trends such as Atkins, Vegan, or Paleo?
    YesNoNo, but I have in the past
    Do you have weight goals?
    If you answered yes to the above question, are you looking to
    maintain weightloose weightgain weight
    Are you interested in adding nutrition therapy to your meal plan to increase the impact and effectiveness of it?
    What eating styles represent you best
    Graze on food through the dayIntake the majority of energy in the morningIntake the majority of the energy in the eveningPrefer smaller mealsPrefer larger mealsPrefer carbohydratesPrefer low carbohydratesEat large quantities of protein
    Are there any foods that refuse to eat due to religion, medical needs, personal preferences?
    What are three of your favorite foods?
    What is your favorite ethnicity of food?
    What is one of your favorite places to eat outside of the home and what do you usually get?
    What is your level of desired spiciness?
    I love spicy foodI enjoy a little spiciness with my foodI can not tolerate spiciness at all
    If you had to choose sweet or savory, which would you choose?
    SweetsavoryIt depends
    Are you looking to have your prepared meals delivered?
    If you answered yes, do you live within 15 miles of 2810 E Thomas Rd. Phoenix AZ 85016

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