Prepared Meals


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Tailored Bites offers a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist inspired menu composed of 95% Organic & Non Gmo, nutrient dense, minimally processed foods that promote optimal health and wellness.  Meals are seasoned to perfection with minimal added salt and added sugar sources.

Our Prepared Meal Service selections can be found under “Shop” and are broken into the following categories:

  1. Balanced Meals– Choose from our seasonal core menu, as well as our weekly feature rotating menu where we offer a variety of meals in Regular and Small sizes.  All base recipes are made vegetarian and you have the ability to substitute vegetarian protein options.  Nutrition information and allergens are listed for all items.  Protein addition and substitution calorie and macros below.
  2. Family Style Portions– Our lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, sauces, and baked nourishments can be found in portions that serve 3-4.
  3. Kid’s Meals– We offer bento boxes perfect that have been nutritionally balanced for your littlest loved ones.  An added bonus is the bento boxes are made from plants and eco friendly!

Our Weekly Features are updated every Monday.  

Please make sure your order is placed by Wednesday (11:59 pm) for Sunday and Monday pickup/delivery*.   There are no commitments so please make sure to order every week if you want meals every week!

Pickup Location– 2810 E. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016

Pickup Times– Sunday 3-6 pm, Monday 9-1 pm and 4-6 pm

Delivery– $10.00 For all orders of $75 or more and delivery address within 15 miles of 2810 E. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ.  Our current delivery times are scheduled for Sunday 2pm-5pm.

Menu is subject to change.   

Are you adding protein to your meal selections?  Calories and macros listed here!

Are you substituting proteins on your meal selections?  Calories and macros listed here!