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Do You Have Nutrition-Related Goals? A Food/Allergy Intolerance? A Nutrition-Related Medical Condition?


Nutrition Therapy

Do You Like the Thought of Having a Personal Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?


Prepared Meal Service

Do You Want to Add Time to Your Day and Possibly Years to Your Life?

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Tailored Bites

Prepared Meals

Tailored Bites

Nutrition Therapy

Tailored Bites

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Tailored Bites

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Empower. Inspire. Educate

Tailored Bites is a registered dietitian and woman-owned small business
operating in the Phoenix local area. We are a Nutrition Concierge offering a
vast selection of nutrition services to meet any and all of YOUR nutrition goals
and needs. Our services include dietitian designed prepared and deliverable
meals, a custom tailored meal program, functional beverage cafe,
personalized nutrition therapy and counseling and corporate wellness
services. Continue reading to learn more about Tailored Bites.

Order Freshly Prepared Meals Today!

Are you looking for delicious, comforting, nutritious, fully prepared meals? Our prepared medical meals have been balanced by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Add time to your day and feel confident in the food you eat.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

Why should a registered dietitian be our trusted nutrition expert?

  • A RDN is the highest-level provider of Nutrition Counseling.

  • A RDN is qualified to personally tailor dietary advice to each individual because of their nutrition education, training, and professional experience.

  • A RDN has been trained in Medical Nutrition Therapy and therefore is able to help manage chronic diseases and conditions through nutrition.

  • A RDN is a knowledgeable and credible resource for providing guidance in navigating food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.

  • A RDN can create a weight loss plan that really works and is sustainable.

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Need a Tailored Nutrition Plan?

Call Now (480) 485-9750, and let's craft a plan together!


How it Works?

Tailored Bites understands that your nutrition can be an overwhelming topic at times. There are many people acting as “nutrition experts” feeding you false information. They promise immediate results. But these promises and results may not be what is best for your nutrition and overall health and wellness.

Tailored Bites is a trusted nutrition expert that believes nutrition services need to be tailored to fit each individual’s and corporation’s unique nutrition and wellness needs. You and Tailored Bites work together to create the perfect nutrition package that will assist you in reaching your complete wellness goals.

We offer an expansive collection of nutrition concierge services. Our services include prepared meals and meal plans that can be delivered to your door, individual nutrition therapy and family nutrition therapy sessions, kitchen inspections and overhauls, meal preparation planning and demos, grocery store tours, and more!

Tailored Bites

Prepared Meals

Eat REAL food in proper portions, with macronutrient and micronutrient offerings in ranges that fit your goals and needs. Tailored Bites offers a prepared meal plan service that accommodates a wide variety of nutritional and convenience needs. You choose from single-meal options, family-style portions, as well as tailored prepared meal plans. Work with Tailored Bites today. It’s time to start eating tasty, colorful meals that fuel the best you!

Tailored Bites

Nutrition Therapy

Tired of the fad diet roller coaster and looking to live a life free of food imprisonment? Have you been diagnosed with prediabetes, diabetes, or other nutrition-related medical condition and looking to cease or decrease the need for medication and complications? Have you been diagnosed with or suspect that you may have a food intolerance but know that it can be detrimental to your health to eliminate food groups without a proper nutrient replacement plan in place? Work with Tailored Bites on developing a tailored nutrition plan that will assist in achieving the sustainable results you are looking for!

Tailored Bites

Functional Beverage Cafe

Do you love smoothies and specialty drinks but not a huge fan of all the sugar and lack of nutrition that typically comes with them? If you said yes, you will love our functional beverage line. We offer a dietitian designed plant based smoothie line where each smoothie has been balanced with minimally processed, whole food sources. Our cafe offerings also include specialty drinks and lattes including beetroot, golden, matcha, and chai tea lattes and chocolate milk made with dates and oat milk.