Introductory Consultation with Samantha Blanton RD

Introductory Consultation with Samantha Blanton RD

From: $200.00


Work one on one with a registered dietitian to develop a realistic and sustainable plan that has been individualized to your needs and goals.

What does our Introductory Consultation Package address?

Our introductory consultation addresses various⁤ aspects of diet, including weight‌ management, chronic disease ⁤prevention/management, sports nutrition, and general⁣ wellness.

What are the benefits of an introductory consultation?

  • Personalized Approach: ⁢Tailored dietary‍ plans address‌ individual preferences, disease states, medications, allergies, and lifestyle factors‌ to ensure effective and sustainable changes.
  • Education and ⁢Empowerment: ⁢Nutrition consultations provide in-depth knowledge about nutrition,⁢ empowering clients to make​ informed dietary choices⁣ and adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Improved ⁣Health Outcomes: By addressing dietary imbalances, nutrition consultations promote healthier blood pressure, blood sugar control and reduced⁢ risk of chronic diseases.
  • Weight Management: Nutritionists assist⁣ individuals in developing realistic and sustainable weight loss or gain plans, promoting long term health.
  • Dietary Changes for Special Needs: Consultations‍ cater to specific dietary needs, such as vegetarianism, gluten free diets, or managing food allergies or intolerances.

What does the Introductory Consultation Package include?

The introductory consultation includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the client’s nutrition and lifestyle history, current nutrition and lifestyle, current medications, and blood labs.
  • Introductory education and resources specific to the clients’ individualized needs are provided. 
  • A personalized nutrition prescription template outlining caloric and macro needs, meal frequency and meal balance is provided.
  • A 30-minute follow-up consultation to be used in the future to assess progress and barriers.